200 ​Advanced English Expressions
that native speakers selected 

Why I decided to write this e-book… 

A few years ago, I reached a level of fluency in English that allowed me to freely articulate complex sentences in English. I began to desire more and became interested in picking up interesting expressions or idioms to spice up my English. However, I soon hit a wall as there were only so many expressions and idioms that I knew how to use.


One day, I went to a big bookstore and bought an English expression book. I was reading the book while I was hanging out with an American friend who was teaching English in Korea back then. He quickly skimmed through the book and told me that many of the expressions were dated or awkward – he joked that perhaps his grand-grandmother would say them. I regretted trusting English materials published and made for ESL students, and since then, I didn't know which books and materials I could believe. It was a bit frustrating because I couldn’t ask my English-speaking friends every time a question surfaced. For years, I gathered phrases that I picked up from conversations with my friends or popular TV shows.

I've been living abroad (outside of South Korea) for about five years now, and I've come to the conclusion that it's time to introduce English expressions and idioms I've come across in real life to you! I've selected these 200 expressions and idioms with my American friends, therefore, you can trust that you can use all of the expressions from the e-book in real life!

This e-book includes 200 idioms and expressions with meanings and sample sentences along with video clips from movies where each expression was used.

So stop worrying about the legitimacy of idioms you find in dated ESL books, and pick up this book to start spicing up your English communication skills!​

What included: 

- 200 Advanced expressions in 58 pages 

- Meanings 

- Examples  

- Sounds 

* All meanings and examples are written in English. 


If you have any questions regarding the e-book, please email at summer@startenglishnow.net

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What People Say ... 

I am studying in America. I always didn't quite understand what my professors were sayings. Since I've started studying this book, I can understand them so much better. Really, these expressions are used a lot. Before I would awkwardly smile if other classmates are smiling, now when my professor uses one of the expressions from the e-book, I can truly laugh together with my classmates. I'm so satisfied! ​

- Ann 


It's so useful and helpful because each expression is explained with situations and movie video clips. I can learn nuances thanks to that. It's relieving my thirst to learn various English expressions. This ebook is love. ​


The sound feature is so real! ​

- Let's study English