1:1 lessons  

We recommend you 1:1 lesson if...


  • you want clear explanations about English grammar and confusing rules

  • you can't make time to go to an English language academy after work or school

  • you're not too perseverant that someone needs to give you assignments

  • you need someone who can motivate you constantly 



What is 1:1 lesson? 


Summer teaches you English 1:1. You don't need to buy any materials for your class with Summer. After you take our Start English Now's English level test, Summer will prepare a study plan and materials for you. The class will be designed based on your needs and test results, for example, spoken English, English writing, test preparation, interviews.


Summer has been teaching English since college and taught herself English. With the experience as an ESL student and ESL teacher, she will not only teach you English in the most effective and simple way but also share her tips and experience with you. 


We understand you're busy working or studying or parenting. Therefore, we've introduced a flexible scheduling system, with which you can make a class appointment with only a few clicks without having to send a million emails back and forth. Yes, it's that easy. You'll be provided with the link for scheduling after signing up. You can use the hours like coupons, which means you don't need to make regular appointments with me, for example, every Tuesday at 9 pm. You can schedule and reschedule your classes with Summer according to your schedule easily using the link.


If you ask me, how often you need to have classes with Summer to improve English, we recommend you make a class appointment at least once a week for an hour to experience the improvement you want. 


What's included in 1:1 lesson? 

  • Start English Now's level test  

  • Study plan and goals  

  • Clear teaching, explanation, and practice  

  • Motivational words and tips on learning English  

  • Evaluation metrics to see your improvement 

5 hours: 215 USD  

10 hours: 409 USD

20 hours: 762 USD

Free 20-minute consultation about 1:1 lesson